Bob's Burgers: Bob Belcher is a second -generation restaurateur, runs the burger restaurant with the support of his wife, Linda (John Roberts) and their three children, Louise (Kristen Schaal), Tina (Dan Mintz), and Gene (Eugene Mirman). Bob has so many creative ideas about burgers, condiments and sides but little thoughts on consumer service and business management. In spite of oily counters, bad location and rarely profitable service, bob is convinced his burger speak for themselves. Through thick and thin, Bobís wife Linda supports her husband dream, but has also some dream for herself. They have three children; 13-year old Tina is hopeless idealistic with smallest social skills. Gene is their middle child who is a self-described musician, class clown and all-around entertainer. Louise is the most excited for her fatherís business, but her thought and conniving make her rather of a responsibility in the kitchen.

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Replies To Bob's Burgers 2011

Biffco | 7 months ago

Did a jobby alright.

Shroot | 5 years ago

i had a lot of trouble getting to this page. had to use "advanced search", i tried different spelling of Bob's Burgers but they all failed!

killastyles | 5 years ago

putlocker links asap PLEAAAASSSeee

qotsa1369 | 5 years ago

I love this show. The humor is witty, but doesn't depend on being vulgar like some other shows... which I'm not against. But this show is refreshing. You can watch it with your family, and probably laugh harder than the kids. If you enjoy Archer, you'll love Bob's Burgers.

azzuro75 | 5 years ago

Awesome show :)

joeydpogi | 5 years ago

when this will air again?

oliax | 5 years ago

really funny! cant get enough of louise crazyness

szczesny | 5 years ago

this show makes me hungry.

lazzaris | 5 years ago

Bobs cake shirt is AWESOME!!!

sillybanginknee | 5 years ago

Love this show! I just can't get enough!

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