This mockumentary explores the many different types of a modern family through the stories of a gay couple, a straight couple and a multi-ethnic couple.

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Replies To Modern Family 2009

katy809 | 5 years ago

I can relate to Gloria :/ acent and always talking about my culture [which sometimes I think guys get tired of lol :( ] just w/o a white guy

rugimantas | 5 years ago

does anybody know when the next episode is airing?

AnteaterDi | 5 years ago

the mockumentary style doesn't work? the show has only won damn near every award possible. great opinion though, dick.

Mosschops | 5 years ago

All the characters are great on this show - even little Lilly! But, when does the next one air - it seems to be overdue?

sk1998 | 5 years ago

Why can't there be an episode everyday?!! That would be awesome!!

oliverracing | 5 years ago

top show - wish there were more episodes 10/10

lordsxman | 5 years ago

Totally awesome show! Funny, witty, naughty and full of heart.

neon_volt | 5 years ago

I love this show, I would never watch that stupid rip-off show on NBC that just came out!!

turkum99 | 5 years ago

Totally awesome show! Funny, witty, naughty and full of heart.

MagicSlaughter | 5 years ago

Gloria is pretty funny x) Good show. 8/10

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