Centers on ex-CIA hitman and a scientist who team up to prevent crimes before they happen.

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Replies To Person of Interest 2011

ventu_rabbit | 5 years ago

I want some more main plot development, no more fillerrss

Whosebodo | 5 years ago

Just the best!!! gets better with every episode

wordtacular | 5 years ago

I also love Bear a bunch.

alandix | 5 years ago

channel 9 show it late on a thursday night, they tried mondays, and sundays idont think they know how good this show is all the shows they put on before (person of interst) are crappppppppppppppppppp.and by the way 3 things iforegot , story tight script,not all special effects,good solid acting by the cast new story lines added as the series progreses but im afraid channel 9 will stuff it up as usual

sharon557 | 5 years ago

Just found out that the next episode airs Jan 3, and that season 2 only has 15 episodes schedule so far.

cezortia | 5 years ago

Just started watching this show and I thoroughly enjoyed the pilot episode.

msfaithlesslove | 5 years ago

ohhh i love this show i love it a lot..... cheeeeerrrrrzzzzzzzz

alandix | 5 years ago

ripper show the dopey tv stations in ausralia put it on late

sab1960 | 5 years ago

Am really enjoying this show, different to anything else I've watched.

abel_afro | 5 years ago

great tv show, cant wait till next ep, it should also be classed as sci-fi (just saying) eather way 4/5 :D

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